The people of Brisbane have a passion for their city that rivals even their own. They create an atmosphere that is unmatched in any of Australia’s capital cities. There is always something going on, whether it is during the day or night.

Winter fun in Brisbane

Whether you stay at the Brisbane Lodge or the Burleigh Heads Resort you will always be able to enjoy superb snowfall during winter months. Do your bit and cycle to experience the snowfall and go for every breathtaking moment.

Summer fun in Brisbane

Summer fun can be had at any place and at any time in Brisbane. There are many fun activities for children and adults. Children will love visiting the advertise and spending their hard earned money on designer clothing and bags. However, the best time to visit may be during the summer months.

invigorating falls in Barrier Reef

You will find the falls quite exhilarating. The water cascading down from many levels and the view is really amazing. You can also take a boat ride.

Night time in Barrier Reef

There are lots of places to go to experience night time in Barrier Reef. You can go to Edward Street to watch the ball drop at the synchronous 18 o’clock hour. You can watch the colourful cruise lights reflected on the water and watch the beautiful creatures of the sea doing their dances.

dining in Barrier Reef

Dining is something you must experience in Barrier Reef. You can take your pick from Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Moringa nut and Pad Thai restaurants at the ocean side. You can also check out the food stalls at the side of the road where lots of food stalls are set up.

rent a vehicle to enjoy the scenery

You can rent a vehicle to feel the drift of the land in yourself. You will feel a sense of being small and insignificant as you stand on the hilly roads and see the spectacular view of the ocean.

Advocate Personal trainers

Personal training or exercise equipment is always important to do while living in a new place. It will help you to control excess body fat and high blood pressure. Plus when you exercise regularly, your skin tends to become healthier and firm.

Join the community

A spot to meet new people will help your day to become better. One of the best things about living in a new place is that there are many people in the same canal. This helps you to socialize and get to know others. You can start a fish packing club, or a scuba diving club; anything that you can organize makes sure that you stay a part of the community.

Make sure that you participate in arise and in daily activities so that you can feel and live in the community. Get involved in the fishing and snorkeling clubs so that you get to know more about the wonderful creatures and rich marine life in the sea. Get involved in the dive sites to know about the marine life and the sites that you shouldn’t miss.

Make sure that your get up every morning to breathe the fresh air and get rid of the smoke from the city. Go for a walk from 10am to12pm and also go for a run at 5pm to 7pm every day.

If you have a home made wine then always visit a local winery, there are so many wonderful wines produced by local vineyards. You can get free information on wine making and even book your wine tasting tours online. So you really can enjoy the best of Australia with ease, simply by taking the recommended daily walks and thereby getting to know the local inhabitants.

And what about the foodstuff? We have heard that Brisbane food is very hot, tasty and healthy. So you must be wondering how can we be talking about health here? When you are having a meal at a restaurant or even at a café you are supposed to drink health conscious wines. You should not stay out late at night drinking and socializing with friends and surely you will have a healthy lifestyle.

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